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Our detective agency provides complex detective services at a professional level. We emphasize speed, efficiency and maintaining complete discretion. Our team is composed of members who have been dealing with the mentioned issue at a professional level for several years. Our private detectives have sufficient experience and knowledge, know how to act in special situations and are ready to solve them. We have our own branches not only in Slovakia, but also in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria, but we are also able to provide our services anywhere abroad. We provide assistance in crisis business situations and private matters.
We provide services related to the search for property and persons, securing facts that can serve as evidence in proceedings before a court or administrative authority, obtaining information related to the personal status of citizens, natural or legal persons or their property conditions, obtaining information in connection with debt collection, search for violations threatening trade secrets. Evaluation of security risks and processing of protection plans.

  • monitoring of persons and objects of interest
  • vehicle monitoring using technology
  • proving marital infidelity
  • searching for persons
  • screening of persons
  • legal advice and consultation (within our services)
  • screening of business partners, employees and companies
  • detection of theft at workplaces
  • protection of data and personal data against their theft and misuse
  • legal advice and consultation (within our services)
  • securing evidence for possible court proceedings
  • delivery of shipments to persons who avoid receiving them
  • screening of persons
  • seizing evidence and detecting counterfeit goods